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The Salzburger flaker


Price: 279,00 €
Product Description

As an old proverb says – breakfast like an emperor…and modern nutrition experts have done nothing to change this habit!
Home-made breakfast Müsli gives you the strength and the energy for a good start in your daily life – whether at school, in the office or workshop.

Only home-made, fresh flakes are full and contain valuable vital elements – everything is whole and there is no loss of vitamins or minerals. That is exactly why producing your own fresh flakes is so important! Industrially processed flakes, which can be bought anywhere, have been subjected to a great deal of heat and in order to guarantee long-time use have thus been preserved (e.g. over steam). There is very little information available on the fact that this method causes important vitamins and enzymes to be destroyed.
The word "BIO" alone does not say it all! "BIO" is an important base for healthy nutrition, but even the best most biologically cultivated grain can easily become worthless if treated wrongly.

Using our Salzburger Flaker at the turn of a hand it’s child’s play for you and your children to crush grain kernels into flakes.
The clever flaker automatically crushes the flakes to the optimal size.
No adjustment of the rollers is necessary. There is nothing that your children can damage.

The optimum distance of the rollers is automatically adjusted for every type of grain by means of a special type of suspension. Exact parallelism and safe, even functioning are therefore guaranteed resulting in durability of the flaker.

Flakes made into proper Müsli with fresh fruit, nuts etc. will help your children stay wide awake and so enjoy morning school to the full.

Contrary to grain mills, which are preferably fitted with a steel milling mechanism, for reasons of hygiene (oils penetrate the stone surface and oxidize) we prefer to use rollers made from nickel-free, high-grade steel. The smooth, easy to clean surface of the high-grade steel rollers protects against the formation of harmful mould and oxidized residue oils.

By the way: It is not only children who are great flake fans -  your pets, whether cat or dog love fresh flakes in their food.

Still another advantage: The flakes are processed directly into the collector and so even the youngest breakfast cook leaves a clean work surface behind.

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The Salzburger flaker
279,00 €
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