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Rawfood Almond butter

250 g.

Price: 9,45 € 10,50 € You Save: 10%
Product Description
Creamy Temptation!

Rawfood Almond butter

Made from the ripe fruit from Spanish almond trees. Contains vitamin E and calcium.
Delicately grainy – mildly sweet – with a hint of marzipan – 100 % natural!

These purees are a must for every raw food kitchen!
In smallholder farms these unique purees are crafted with loving care in the traditional way from kernels and seeds. They are pureed in a stone mill which is operated by hand so slowly and gently that the kernels and seeds never get warmer than 40°C. This ensures that all the nutrients are retained.
The unique taste of each variety is a delight for even the choosiest of palates! The seeds and kernels of the pumpkins, apricots, almonds and walnuts and the flax seeds all come from ecological farms.

Enjoy the temptation of these creamy smooth, full-flavoured nutty tasting and wonderfully aromatic raw food purees.

They can be used for all sorts of things, such as enhancing salads and soups, adding variety to crackers or as a dip and for enhancing cakes, desserts, ice cream and smoothies. A true delight! And incidentally, they also taste great as a spread. Raw-food quality.

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Rawfood Almond butter
9,45 € 10,50 € You Save: 10%
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