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Brazil nut kernels with entire shell, 200 g.

Seleno šaltinis!

Price: 7,95 €
Product Description

Brazil nut kernels with entire shell

Brazil nut kernels with entire shell: highly aromatic nuts from Peru with an original, clean and pure taste!

Sometimes it is worthwhile to look a bit more closely. Our Brazil nut kernels are completely enclosed by the entire shell and therefore better protected against external influences which can have a negative effect on the freshness and colour of the nuts. These Brazil nuts are a real treat, so crunchy, fresh and with a wonderful light pulp. Many secondary plant substances are also found in the shell.

In comparison to other nuts, Brazil nuts feature many minerals such as calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, vitamin B1 and vitamin E. The highly aromatic kernels contain many high-quality oils and valuable protein. Brazil nuts grow wild in trees that tower up to 60 metres high above the remaining primeval forest. Ten to 40 of the triangular nuts ripen in football-sized capsules. The fully ripe capsules fall to the ground, are collected and the nuts are gently dried in a shell-shaped oven at a maximum of 45 °C.

From organic farming 1)
raw food quality
1) DE-ÖKO-001

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Brazil nut kernels with entire shell, 200 g.
7,95 €
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