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The Salzburger Grain Mill MAX

MAX ….our high-performance mill for higher demand with corundum-ceramic mill-stone

Price: 679,00 €
Product Description

MAX ….our high-performance mill for higher demand
with corundum-ceramic mill-stone

MAX the correct choice if you need a lot of flour within a short time, up to 130 g/min.
In addition, MAX is the professional choice whenever wishing to mill coarser or harder grain, e.g. corn, rice, soy beans, Kamuth etc.

Values which convince:
The housing - solid wood made through and through of solid beech wood, inspires every lover of nature. The pollution-free beeswax fully emphasizes the character of the wood.

The milling chamber (apart from the stone carriers and the milling-stone) is also nature pure.

“Nothing” is too hard for the self-sharpening, extremely hard corundum-ceramic milling stone with its 90 mm diameter. The geometry of the milling mechanism has been designed according to the latest findings – the stones are flexibly positioned for better protection against damage to the grinding mechanism caused by foreign particles in the grain.

The best possible co-ordination of the mill-stone diameter and the speed of the motor combined with the optimized warmth and energy geometry of the milling mechanism make sure the grain is milled gently, thereby helping to save energy and money!!

Rough/Fine Controls:
Single-handed operation makes selection of the degree of fineness required easy, even during the milling process – the selected setting can be reproduced and always guarantees the same fine or coarse flour.

You can let your children play at being millers and let them mill their grain. However be careful! Only under supervision – MAX is so quick that the container is soon full.

The 360 Watt motor is compact and of sufficient size, it runs extremely quietly, is stable, trouble- and maintenance-free.
Its integrated coil protection protects against costly damage due to overheating.

Keep your eyes open when buying a mill! Have a good thorough look not only with regard to the optics of the mill, but consider also its “inner values”.





Milling capacity fine (wheat)

appr. 130 g/min

Milling capacity coarse

a great deal more

Maximum milling time

45 min


8 kg

Funnel capacity

ca. 1000 g

Standing space

305 x 156 mm

Space for collector

12 cm

Fine- coarse control

infinitely variable



Mill-stone diameter

90 mm

Positioning of milling-mechanism


Milling chamber

hard beech wood

Outer surface of housing

biological beeswax

Industrial motor

380 Watt /230 voltage

Revolutions when milling

1200 rpm

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