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Sedona™ raw food dehydrator

Drying in raw-food quality for every kitchen!

Price per Unit (vnt.): 499,00 €
Product Description
Drying in raw-food quality for every kitchen

Sedona™ raw food dehydrator

  • From pineapple rings to courgette chips –
    dehydrating diversity in raw food quality!
  • Fits into most fitted kitchen units
  • Silent mode setting for even quieter
    dehydrating operation

  • The new Sedona™ raw food dehydrator is the reliable way to dehydrate your food in raw food quality. This ensures that a maximum of vital vitamins and nutrients are retained in the dried food. You select the desired temperature in a range from 30°C to 68°C. A digital timer allows you to adjust the dehydration time to your requirements. In continuous mode it switches off automatically after 150 hours of uninterrupted operation.

    Unlike many other food dehydrators, the air in the Sedona™ flows horizontally rather than vertically. The big advantage of this is that the air gets distributed far more evenly across each tray from the back to the front. This horizontal distribution of air dries food much better, enabling you to widen your repertoire of raw food creations to include crackers, pizzas, Essene bread, vegetable kebabs, cake bases, fruit kebabs, and much more besides! 

    And naturally you can also use your dehydrator just like any other to dry and preserve wonderful fruits, vegetables and herbs from your garden.

    A high-quality glass door lets you monitor your food in the Sedona™ at any time. Sedona™ operates quietly even in normal mode, but if you want it to run even more quietly, simply set it to silent mode. The appliance will then operate with still less noise, for example while you are sleeping.

    Sedona™ has two separate drying chambers. If you do not have much to dry, simply halve your dehydrating capacity with the press of a button and save energy. Conveniently choose to do your dehydrating either just for yourself, or at other times for the whole family. Sedona™ has 9 mesh tray screens for drying and offers a total drying area of 9,423 cm2. To dry food which is a little higher than normal (like raw food pizza with toppings), simply remove as many trays as needed.

    Sedona™ is THE raw food dehydrator for the modern raw food kitchen. Modern and elegant in design with a genuine glass door, it is digital, quiet and energy-efficient. And it won’t take up any or your worktop space because the Sedona™ slots easily into your fitted kitchen unit.

    Included in delivery: Sedona™ raw food dehydrator, 9 plastic open drying trays with mesh tray screens (1,047 cm² each); total drying area: 9,423 cm2; 1 compartment divider; please order Sedona™ drying foil separately. Warranty: 24 months.

    Dimensions: 43.3 cm x 50 cm x 37 cm (W x D x H). Weight: 10.6 kg. Technical data: 230 V, 550 W. Certified by GS.


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