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Raw Cashew Nut Butter

228 g.

Price: 5,39 € 5,99 € You Save: 10%
Product Description

The cashew nut taste that gets under your skin!

Raw Cashew Nut Butter

  • Raw food quality
  • Cashew nut butter with skin content
  • Delicately creamy
  • Unique worldwide

    Instead the cashew kernels for cashew nut butter are cracked cold by hand and dried at maximum 42°C.

    From Indonesia. The subtropical climate of the island of Flores offers conditions that are truly a paradise for the cashew nut and so ensures its high quality. Conventional organic cashew nuts are industrially steamed or boiled in hot oil up to 205°C before being cracked. In addition conventional cashew nuts are dried for 1-2 hours at 80°C. Thanks to this time-consuming process the nutrients remain intact.

    What is more the skin of the cashew nut is also processed.

    The actual making of the butter is also carried out with such great care that the product never gets hotter than 42°C.

    This contains the so very important bittering agents and gives the butter a slightly tangy flavour.

    The natural ratio of cashew kernel to skin – plus a drop of raw food sunflower oil – makes this delicious raw food butter unique the world over.

    It has a creamy full-bodied and delicately tangy taste.

    Spread the butter on your linseed crisp bread and pita bread or enjoy it as the crowning glory on your smoothies, ice-creams, dips and fruit creams.

    ! Raw food quality

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Raw Cashew Nut Butter
5,39 € 5,99 € You Save: 10%
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