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Organic Olives Thrumba (with pit), 250 g.

Rankomis rinktos, ore džiovintos Thrumba alyvuogės su kauliukais, sūdytos, be priedų, be dažiklių, be skysčio. 100% žaliavalgiškos!

Price: 5,95 €
Product Description
It doesn’t get more natural than this!

Organic Olives Thrumba
– with pit

These excellent olives from Greece are harvested fully ripe from completely naturally grown olive trees. Since the olives are not cultivated from a plantation economy, many of these olive trees are already more than 2,500 years old! You can taste it, too: the aroma and contents of these olives are very concentrated.

After the harvest and the addition of 1.5% sea salt, the olives are immediately packaged.

Farmed organically according to EU directives*. Raw food quality! No added colour, no vinegar, no table salt.


*EC Control System, DE-003 Eco Control

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