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First Class Pineapple Pieces, 200 g.

Price: 9,75 €
Product Description
Made from only the ripest pineapples!

First Class pineapple pieces

Enzyme-rich jewel from the tropics

Guadeloupe, otherwise known as Gwada to the local inhabitants, is a group of islands in the Caribbean which is part of the French Antilles. That it was none other than Columbus himself who discovered the pineapple there is just one of the numerous exciting tales that surround this exotic luxury fruit.

High nutritional content and vital enzymes

The nutritional content of this tropical fruit helps us in all situations in life – its vitamins, minerals and trace elements keep us fit and healthy. The pineapple contains vital substances such as calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, iron, copper and zinc, along with the power enzymes bromelin, amylase, peroxidase and invertase.

This premium dried fruit aids digestion and the metabolism. It is believed to be anti-inflammatory and to provide a draining effect, reduce blood pressure and help combat lack of appetite. The gently dried flesh of the fruit retains its golden-yellow colour and tastes delicious and refreshing because along with its natural sweetness it is also slightly acidic, which provides balance in recipes. Muesli with First Class pineapple pieces tastes fantastic.

For those days when we have no fresh pineapple in the house but do not want to do without the benefits of this delicious, healthy fruit, there are the First Class pineapple pieces from mail-order raw food supplier Keimling Naturkost.

! Raw food quality.
Organic farming.
EC Control System, DE-ÖKO-001

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First Class Pineapple Pieces, 200 g.
9,75 €
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